It’s no secret that cold emailing has long been cast aside as the legacy form of marketing, mostly by agencies and marketers alike looking to show off their newest bag of B2B tricks, tools, and techniques (ie Linkedin Messaging). This being said, we have been consistently “wowed” by our results when pairing this technique with a solid marketing automation workflow and transparent messaging. Here are a few reasons why we think this still works:

Bad MSP/ IT Providers

That’s right. As long as there are Managed Service Providers, there will be bad Managed Service Providers that by some miracle still grab share in your local B2B market. You have probably inherited messes from these guys already so you know exactly who I’m talking about. So where’s opportunity? Put simply, with bad MSPs comes pissed off customers. We have found that by showing up in their inbox at the right time, these customers will JUMP at the opportunity to get a competitor’s quote. This might be to keep their provider in check or to seriously consider a transition, but either way, delivering a quote to someone else’s irate customer is opportunity nonetheless.

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Data Availability

The average MSPs frame of reference for Cold Emailing success (or lack there of) comes from a time when B2B data was scarce. You typically acquired it from some sketchy opt-in B2B list broker and it came in a sloppy CSV file littered with formatting issues , spelling errors and a slew of data that doesn’t meet your criteria. Fast forward to 2019, this has all changed. Now with AI based B2B data services like LimeLeads (Update: Get 35% off LimeLeads w/ promo: mspgrowthhacks) you can sort and filter the data that you want right in their dashboard which tests the deliver-ability automatically prior to export. This data usually gets aggregated from publicly available sources on the web and tends to be the most accurate. Using this quality data makes it significantly easier to dodge spam filters and finally get the opens you have always been looking for.

Prospect Attention

We like to think that collaboration and messaging tools (such as Slack) will ultimately replace our time spent in our inbox. The truth is, according this study by Adobe, this adaptation to faster communication is gaining traction, but Email use is still seeing steady growth as well. According to their survey of over 1,000 “white collar” workers, we are spending over 3 hours per weekday in our inboxes. I am a firm believer in going cross-platform to grab as much attention as possible, but what the studies (and our results) show is that Email remains one of the most effective methods of getting noticed.

Do you agree that Cold Email Marketing is still an effective way to generate prospects for Managed Service Providers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.