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Earlier this year, we posted twenty-seven ideas on how MSPs can get more attention locally and online without the cost of ads (called ‘earned media’). We are now a publishing a full execution guide for every one of these campaigns, all in one easy-to-reference asset.

Why should MSPs leverage earned media?

“When you pay to put a message out there, you have huge amounts of control over the message, but it has low credibility… Because people know you have paid to put that message out. Publicity or earned comments on social media is the exact opposite. You have very little control over what is said, but it has massive credibility.”

– Paul Green | Owner of MSP Marketing Edge 

In This Guide You Will Learn...

  • The fundamentals of earned media and how to use it generate buzz around your business.
  • Why some of the leading industry experts believe that earned media is a perfectly suited strategy for MSPs.
  • Tons of ideas related to earned media campaigns that you can launch with very little up front cost.
  • Step-by-step instructions for each idea so that you know exactly how to execute on these ideas.

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