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Feel like your marketing message is getting lost on new buyers of your IT Services? Some of our MSP Spark Community Members felt this way too, so we hired a few “human-centered design” experts to help us rethink MSP Marketing as we knew it. Here are the results…

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 “I’ve dedicated the last few years of my life to helping MSPs grow and used to think I was ahead of the curve when it comes to connecting with customers. This experience was nothing short of humbling and it’s made me rethink everything I know about marketing IT.”

– Kevin Clune | Co-Founder & Editor

This Value-Packed Guide Features...

  • Details on 7 unique buyer personas, each with different titles and from various industries, such as Government, Healthcare, Dental, Manufacturing, and Legal. 
  • Insights into what these personas are responsible for on a given day, what challenges they come across and what technology products are most important to them.
  • Examples of what the perfect solution would look like for each persona, how you might deliver it, and where the best places to advertise it may be. 

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