Good, Better, Best Packages

While I could sit here and try to convince you that three is the magic number and that “Good, Better, Best” service tiers are the way to go, thankfully I don’t have to. That’s because my friend Nigel Moore, Founder of The Tech Tribe, has already done this in his book Package Price Profit. As he so eloquently puts it: 

“We humans love choice. But funnily enough – not too much of it. We all love shopping, but we hate being sold to. Having a number of options allows your clients to feel like they are going shopping and helps them feel like they are in control of the buying process (even though we are the ones that have crafted the process for them. […] By offering your clients a number of options, they are much more likely to simply compare your Good plan with your Better and Best plans instead of comparing your ONLY plan with a plan from your competitor.” 

I completely agree with his sentiment here, as I have found that this model works for just about any business that you can apply it to. What I have also found interesting is that even when you offer the ability to “customize” these Good, Better, Best, plans to the customer’s liking, they often still choose a pre-packaged option instead. People love “curation,” and when done correctly, that is really what this is. 

Creative Branding Ideas

Since Nigel has done all the hard work for us (as usual), we can focus on the more creative aspects of this concept to build on top of his recommendations. After you have separated your services into three tiers, you’ll want to find unique and creative ways to brand these bundles to make them more appealing to your prospective customers. This way when they are “shopping” your services, they will be drawn more to the tiers that they relate to from a brand-perspective. This is no different than the way that people buy everyday products such as shampoo, cereal, dish detergent, pet food, etc. 

So I decided to feed this into the “idea machine” as many different ways as possible to see if I could develop a really robust list of options for MSPs to rebrand their service tiers. Here are the best examples that I came up with, as well as descriptions that you can use to better explain them to your customers: 

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New Frontiers

“Explore the digital landscape with tailored IT support packages designed to guide your journey. From budding explorers taking their first step to pioneers shaping the future, our services cater to every phase of your digital transformation.”

  • Explorer: For businesses taking their first steps into digital transformation.
  • Navigator: For businesses seeking to expand their digital presence and capabilities.
  • Pioneer: For businesses at the forefront of technology adoption and innovation.

Security Shields

“Fortify your digital domain with a security package that scales with your needs. From basic sentinel duties to fortress-level defense, ensure your business remains impenetrable to threats.”

  • Sentinel: Basic protection for emerging threats.
  • Guardian: Enhanced security measures for growing businesses.
  • Fortress: Top-tier security solutions for maximum defense.

Cloud Services

“Elevate your business into the cloud with services that grow with you. Whether you’re just starting out or need advanced capabilities, our cloud solutions offer the flexibility and scalability your business requires.”

  • Cumulus: Entry-level cloud services for startups and small businesses.
  • Stratus: Intermediate cloud solutions for growing businesses seeking more.
  • Cirrus: Advanced cloud services for businesses requiring extensive cloud capabilities.

Digital Transformation

“Embark on a transformative journey with our digital services, designed to evolve from initiating innovation to disrupting your industry. Navigate the path of digital transformation with confidence.”

  • Initiate: For businesses starting their technology journey.
  • Innovate: For businesses looking to leverage new technologies for growth.
  • Disrupt: For businesses aiming to lead and redefine their industry standards.

Business Stages

“Navigate through the lifecycle of business growth with our customized IT support packages. From startups laying the groundwork to leaders dominating the market, we offer tailored solutions to support every stage of your business journey.”

  • Startup: Tailored IT support for businesses laying their foundational tech groundwork.
  • Growth: Enhanced services for growing businesses scaling their operations.
  • Leader: Comprehensive solutions for industry leaders seeking to maintain and extend their edge.

Performance Levels

“Achieve unparalleled IT performance at every level of your business journey. From core operations to elite innovations, our services are designed to elevate your performance.”

  • Core: Essential IT support to keep your business running smoothly.
  • Advanced: A step up in services for businesses seeking to expand their capabilities.
  • Elite: The ultimate package for businesses aiming for industry leadership in IT.

Efficiency Gains 

“Maximize your operational efficiency with services designed to streamline, optimize, and maximize your processes. From startups to industry leaders, achieve peak performance with our tailored solutions.”

  • Streamline: Solutions for improving operational efficiency at the startup level.
  • Optimize: Advanced tools and practices for growing businesses to enhance productivity.
  • Maximize: Cutting-edge technologies for industry leaders to achieve peak efficiency.

Fires Blazing

“Ignite your business’s potential with packages that range from sparking innovation in small teams to blazing a trail of industry leadership. Fuel your growth and set the market on fire.”

  • Spark: Basic package to kickstart innovation within small teams.
  • Flame: More comprehensive tools and resources to fuel growth and innovation.
  • Inferno: Premium offerings designed to set industry standards and lead market trends.

Growth Trajectory 

“Launch your business’s growth into the stratosphere with digital services that propel you from launch to orbit and beyond. Achieve stellar success and innovation with our comprehensive support.”

  • Launch: For businesses initiating their digital transformation journey.
  • Orbit: For businesses that are scaling up their digital capabilities.
  • Starshot: For businesses aiming to be at the zenith of digital transformation and innovation.

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Technology Terrain

“Navigate the tech landscape with services designed for every level of ambition. From establishing a base camp to reaching the summit, scale your business with our strategic IT support.”

  • Base Camp: Essential tech services for startups and small businesses.
  • Ascent: Intermediate services for businesses scaling new heights in their industry.
  • Summit: Premier services for businesses at the peak of technology leadership.

Industry Conquest

“Dominate your industry with technology services tailored for every stage of your conquest. From discovery to dominance, leverage our IT support to secure your place at the top.”

  • Discovery: For those exploring tech opportunities.
  • Expansion: For businesses expanding their tech footprint.
  • Dominance: For businesses establishing dominance through technology.

New Dimensions

“Expand your digital presence into new dimensions with services that evolve from 2D basics to 4D futuristic solutions. Stay ahead of the curve with our innovative IT packages.”

  • 2D: Standard digital services for basic online presence.
  • 3D: Enhanced digital services adding depth with more tools and solutions.
  • 4D: Futuristic digital services anticipating needs and offering innovative solutions.

Pixel Perfect

“Craft a flawless digital presence with our tiered managed IT services, from basic bits to terabyte-scale transformations. Achieve pixel-perfect performance and productivity.”

  • Bit: Basic managed technology support for startups and small businesses.
  • Byte: More comprehensive digital transformation and solutions for growing businesses.
  • Tera: Full-spectrum digital transformation solutions for industry leaders.

Adoption Rates

“Accelerate your tech adoption from streamlined processes to transformative innovations. Our packages support your journey at every speed, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.”

  • Streamline: Simplify your technology stack for increased efficiency.
  • Accelerate: Speed up your digital transformation with advanced tools.
  • Transform: Revolutionize your business with cutting-edge technology solutions.

Big Thinking

“Elevate your strategic vision from insightful beginnings to horizon-expanding endeavors. Our services support big thinkers at every stage of their journey.”

  • Insight: Gain valuable insights to inform your strategic decisions.
  • Vision: Elevate your business with visionary technology solutions.
  • Horizon: Expand your reach and impact with horizon-broadening technologies.

Partnership Levels

“Build a stronger connection with a trusted IT partnership that fits seamlessly into your business. From initial connection to deep integration, our services foster lasting collaboration.”

  • Connect: Establish foundational technology partnership and support.
  • Engage: Deepen relationship with strategic technology collaboration.
  • Integrate: Seamlessly integrate our comprehensive technology solutions.

Mountain Climb

“Ascend to new heights with IT support that matches your ambition, from the first ascent to the pinnacle of success. Scale your business with confidence.” 

  • Ascent: Begin your journey with foundational IT support.
  • Summit: Reach new heights with advanced technological solutions.
  • Pinnacle: Achieve peak performance with top-tier IT services.

Network Architect

“Construct a robust IT foundation from the ground up with services that span from foundational support to skyscraper-scale projects. Build your network with precision.”

  • Foundation: Establish a rock-solid IT infrastructure for your business.
  • Framework: Build upon your IT architecture with scalable solutions.
  • Skyscraper: Elevate your IT landscape to skyscraper levels of sophistication.

Data Flow

“Ensure a seamless data flow from streams to oceans, with IT support designed to scale with your data needs. Navigate the currents of data management with ease.”

  • Stream: Manage data efficiently at the entry level.
  • River: Channel larger volumes of data for greater insights.
  • Ocean: Master vast data landscapes with comprehensive solutions.

Startup Ambitions

“Launch your startup ambition from bootstrap beginnings to unicorn success. Our services support your growth at every stage, ensuring a path to legendary status.”

  • Bootstrap: Kickstart your journey with essential IT support for your new venture.
  • Scale: Grow your technology capabilities to scale your business.
  • Unicorn: Transform into a market leader with unparalleled IT services & support.

Manufacturing Vertical

“From prototype to precision, our manufacturing IT support packages are tailored to every stage of production. Innovate and refine with our specialized services.”

  • Prototype: Develop and test your ideas with tailored support for your business.
  • Production: Ramp up your production capabilities with enhanced IT services.
  • Precision: Achieve meticulous quality and efficiency in your manufacturing processes.