Inside our MSP Spark community, there was some chatter this week about TikTok. Anytime I have discussed this topic with an MSP or anyone in the IT industry, there seems to always be skepticism as to the audience on TikTok and whether or not its fit to sell IT services. This skepticism is well-deserved. I don’t think that business owners are swiping through TikTok, engaging with MSPs and click through to their websites. I also can tell you for a fact that it is incredibly difficult to target qualified Business Decision Makers using the TikTok ad product.

So, is every MSP, Repair Shopper, and IT Pro that is creating content on TikTok an experiment destined to fail? No way. Not at all. And here is why. TikTok videos are not just for TikTok. They are spilling over into every other media channel which includes LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. This form of video is proving to be highly engaging, not just on the TikTok platform, but everywhere that it is posted. Sure, an MSP might get thousands of vanity impressions on TikTok that do little to move the bottom line, but cross-posting that content to LinkedIn where the audience is more targeted now has some real potential.

The creators that I randomly discovered (which I will feature below) are refining this skillset and learning how to create engaging video content on the world’s most powerful social simulator. In my opinion, the content-style is here to stay (for the time being) and those that are pioneering and experimenting on TikTok are going to have a real advantage when everyone is looking to run this style of video ad. Some of the creators will never realize that potential, or may not follow through on expanding their reach beyond TikTok, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not feasible for them to do so. The bridges have been built and the audiences are waiting on the other side.

Findings From My 90 Minutes On “IT TikTok”

For me to better understand “IT TikTok” I decided to dive in an let the platform do its thing. I started by searching “#ITservices” and selected a video that was quite obviously an MSP. From there, I let the platform take me even further down the rabbit-hole as it impressively stayed somewhat within the boundary of what I was looking for. Many of the videos that I saw were DIY tech or gaming related, as there is obviously a lot of crossover between these interests but I never felt like I hit a dead end.

Anytime I saw a video that was related to Business IT, I copied it into a spreadsheet. After about 90 minutes of this, I revisited each of the posts that I thought were relevant and shortened my list to include only the examples that I thought were the most unique and engaging.

Here are the examples that I chose to share:

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Example 1.

@slayitservices How to recover deleted files!! #howto #computerrepair #datarecovery #fyp #slayit #easeusdata ♬ original sound – Jackson Slay

Example 2.

@empisthq At EMPIST, our work is making things work for you! #managedservices #ITservices #cybersecurity #thatshowyoufixthat #fypage #fypシ #fyp ♬ Hello Baby feat. Fivio Foreign – Young M.A & Fivio Foreign

Example 3.

@mactelecomnetworks WiFiman heatmap scan by Ubiquiti networks #ubiquiti #techtok #computernworking #ethernet #wifi #unifi ♬ Metamorphosis – Danilo Stankovic

Example 4.



♬ original sound – Bearded IT Guy

Example 5.

@matc_itsupport #techtok #itsupport #itsecurity #turndownforwhat #it ♬ original sound – user2115718467590

Example 6.

@insidewire Don’t leave your wires in a mess.. #network #networkcables #oddlysatisfying #foryou #fyp #foryoupage #youtuber #insidewire

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Example 7.

@cybertaxsafe Cybersecurity is more than antivirus software and passwords! Follow me for more tips to protect your business! #cybersecurity #taxprep ♬ The Assignment – Tay Money

Example 8.

@meahampton What is a VPN? #techtips #techsupport #womanintech #itmanager ♬ original sound – Mea Hampton, MIS, PMP, ITIL

Example 9.

@901itguy Dealing with upset clients. #karen #manageditservices #voip #phones #lextechn ♬ original sound – 901ITGuy

Example 10.

@pneumatix_ #PepsiApplePieChallenge was #lastpass #hacked #hack #technews #cybersecurity #MyPlayoffPicks ♬ LIMITS THE SKY – Mpax

Example 11.

@itptek ???? #itptek ♬ she knows – favsoundds

Example 12.

@mnames_jeff Not even Clint is above the law #clinttok #clintfromit #itguy #techtok #phishing #soc2 #compliance #ITsecurity #corporatelife #jira #mezcal #millenial ♬ original sound – Clint from IT