How To Strategically Market Yourself After Making Top IT Industry Lists

Congratulations! You made Channel Future’s MSP501 list. Before you sprain your shoulder attempting to pat yourself on the back, you need to first capitalize on the buzz surrounding your brand and accomplishment. These type of crowning moments only come a few times a year, and to waste them would be shameful. Even more, industry lists are becoming increasingly more popular and applicant numbers are likely to continue increasing. No position is safe, so you better milk the cow before it leaves the stable. Here are few ways to seize the moment to and promote your company making the list to your own benefit.

Send A Press Release To Local News Websites & Blogs

Depending on the size of your market, you may be able to use this to grab some free publicity in the press. To do this, simply send a press release to any newspapers and websites that cover your service area. Be sure to play up the fact that this is a global list with thousands of applicants. Most small-town newspapers will jump at the chance to tout the existence of a worldwide business technology leader in their local neighborhood, as they look at it as a positive trend in the local economy.

You may even want to reference and congratulate your competitors who have also made the list, framing your area as an emerging and globally recognized “business technology hotbed”. Just be sure to build a compelling case in your press release and provide plenty of quotes for the Editors.

Email A “Thank You” To Your Existing Customers

Don’t forget, without your loyal customers that trust you to service their business, you would have never made the list. Be sure to send an email blast announcing the achievement and thank them for their role in helping you get to where you are. Not only is this a “feel good” moment for you to share with them, but it is also reassurance for them that they picked the right horse.

Your customers will now recognize that you are a leader in your field. This is important when it comes time for renewing contracts. An existing customer is more likely to renew if there is third party validation that proves you are better than your competitors. It also gives them the confidence to refer you more business. For those MSPs that take a more relaxed approach to growth, this can significantly increase the number of new sales appointment that you generate.

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Add A Badge To Your Company’s Email Signature & Website

After you are announced as an MSP501 winner, you will likely receive an email containing links to marketing materials. This will usually contain a “badge” in the form of an image file. Placing this badge on your website can help to increase the conversion on the page and build trust for prospects that are evaluating your company online.

You should also look to add this badge to your company email signature. This is especially helpful for Business Development, Account Managers, and Sales Specialists that have frequent communications with potential customers. When prospects are trying to make a purchasing decision, they are really just evaluating their risk. This can help ease the risk of the buyer and put you ahead in the event of competing quotes.

Update Your Employee Job Listings & Career Pages

One of the more underlying benefits of getting recognized as an industry leader is in acquiring new talent. Ask any MSP and they will tell you that competition among recruits is becoming fierce. Employees with good values, communication and technical skill are hard to come by and the more people you can attract, the more likely you are to find the good ones.

Make your company more attractive to new hires by announcing your industry leadership right on your job listings. To newcomers entering into the industry that are seeking mentorship, this can act as a beacon to let them know that your firm is the place to be to advance their career and learn from industry veterans and professionals.

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Host A Celebration Event For Employees, Prospects, & Customers

In case you were looking for an excuse to throw a party, now you have one. Whether it is a formal dinner, a short lunch meeting, or an all-out after hours bash, be sure to let loose and celebrate your accomplishment. When you are in the daily grind of operating an MSP and servicing your customers, there is not much to be excited about. Take this opportunity to bring everyone together, engage with each other, and build culture.

Also look to invite existing customers and potential prospects into the fun. Giving your end-users a look behind the curtain will help them understand who you are and what you are all about. Celebrating this type of accomplishment also drives home to customers how much your quality of service means to you and your company.