Need A Fresh Stack Of Content Ideas To Keep Your Campaigns Burning?

We found that with a steady flow of ideas and inspiration, IT Owners, Operators, Marketers, and Salespeople can unlock their potential and create awesome content that their prospects love. This is why we launched a premium service featuring 10 new content ideas every Monday morning for just $10 per month.

How DoES MSP Spark Work? 

Start Free Trial

To get started, simply sign up for our free 10 day trial with the email address where you would like to receive your “MSP Sparks.”

Receive New Ideas

The first Monday after you sign up, you will receive your first list of content ideas. These will arrive at 7:45 AM EST on the dot.

Make Great Content

Once you receive your topic ideas, you will be immediately inspired to create awesome content to build your thought leadership and awareness.

Cancel Any time

If you ever feel uninspired or underwhelmed by the ideas we provide, you can cancel this service at any time without penalty.

What Type of Content Ideas Are Included?

Social Media

Posting on platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are a great way to build constant awareness toward your brand. Each MSP Spark will include post ideas such as quotes, statistics, spotlights, and polls to keep your audience engaged.

Blog Articles

We found that most IT blog attempts fail at the idea stage. Even expert technology bloggers have a hard time tapping into their thought leadership. Each MSP Spark will include blog post topics with a clear jumping off point for your next post.

Video Content

When you create video content, it puts a spotlight on your personality and establishes trust in a way that no other medium can accomplish. Each MSP Spark will include video content topics so that you can start rolling immediately.

Lead Magnets

Virtual events, e-books, reports and other premium collateral are crucial in getting your audience to opt-in with their contact details and become a lead. Each MSP Spark will include at least one content idea to help you grow your contact list.

Who Should Subscribe To MSP Spark?

Owners & Operators – If you own an MSP, either large or small, it is very likely that you act as a “figure-head” for your business. This subscription will help you amplify this through content.

Sales Representatives – If you are a Sales Rep that wants to build your personal brand on LinkedIn, then this subscription can provide talking points so you always have something to say.

In-House Marketers – If you are a Marketer that is responsible for your IT company’s content strategy, then this subscription can make your job easier and increase your value to your employer.

Business Developers – If you are a Business Developer that is looking to find engaging ways to provide value to your audience, then this subscription will give you the inspiration to do so.

How can content help MSPs grow?

Awareness – Building awareness is the single most overlooked function of MSP marketing, but it can have the largest impact on your success and financial return of your efforts.

Trust – Direct response campaigns (such as cold calls and emails) fall short in gaining the trust that is required for you to sell Managed IT Services without a lengthy sales process.

Value – Good content strategies will help to establish value for you and your services, allowing you to charge more for your services by lowering the perceived risk of your buyers.

Retention – Contrary to what you may think, content isn’t just for prospects. Your existing customers are of those who engage the most which will help to retain them longer.

What Are Our Subscribers Saying?

We find it difficult to constantly think of new ideas, all while executing on our previous ideas at the same time. MSP Spark gives us a contant feed of ideas to pass to our outsourced creative, which will give us more consistency overall. 

Stephen F.

Marketing Director

It is hard conistently connecting with Business Owners on LinkedIn when all you have is a sales pitch. These content ideas give me something else to put out in my feed to keep them engaged in between DMs.

Heather V.

Business Development

Trying to service my customers and think of things to post on social media is very difficult. With MSP Spark, I can create social media and video content in an hour or less and then schedule them so it does not interrupt my week.

Ciro C.

Owner / Operator

We put out content for our MSP partners every week. This helps them sell more services and connect with their end-customers. The MSP Sparks are exactly what we needed to keep offering this consistent supply of content.

Patrick W.

Channel Manager

More Frequently Asked Questions

What value will I get out of this service?

Time is money. Even the most seasoned content marketers spend hours conceptualizing ideas for their campaigns. MSP Spark does this for you, saving you hundreds of dollars per month for just a few bucks. 

How many content ideas do I receive per month?

You will receive a minimum of 40 ideas per month (10 per week), along with a few bonuses along the way. Our goal is to make this service as valuable as possible, so we will continue to look for new ways to over-deliver. 

When will I be billed for this service?

When you sign up for your free trial, you will not be billed until after the 10 days is complete. For example, If you signed up on the 15th of the month, you would begin billing on the 25th and would be billed on the same date every month thereafter. 

What subject matter will the content ideas include?

Every week we feature all of our ideas around a new topic related to Business Technology. As former MSPs, we know exactly what content business owners engage with and how to use it to drive awareness toward specific services. We think through the buying process with every category that we choose. 

How can I ensure that I receive my ideas every week?

To ensure that you receive your content ideas every week, we recommend whitelisting our sending domain ( For easy access, you may also want to create a rule in your inbox to filter these messages into a dedicated folder. 

Is there a long-term commitment for this service?

There is absolutely no long term commitment for this service. We simply bill your payment method on file on a monthly basis like any other subscription service. There is no contract and if you no longer need this service, you are free cancel at any time. 

How do I cancel my subscription If I choose to?

If you ever decide to cancel this service, you can do so by simply “unsubscribing” from any of the emails that you receive from us. This will automatically sync to our billing system and you will no longer be charged thereafter.