Opinion: How To Have Success With SKOUT’s MDF Program

The Upside

Jimmy and the innovative team at SKOUT Cybersecurity are stopping at nothing to make their partner events successful. The fact that they are constantly evolving their program to improve results shows that they are willing to make the investment necessary for their partners to succeed. As they continue on this cycle of constant improvement, they appear to be building out something far more unique than the typical “on-demand” webinar offerings we often see from vendors. Pairing this with their end-to-end marketing support along the way is as close to a home run as you will find when looking to upsell existing clients on cybersecurity offerings or attract new prospects into your pipeline.

The Downside

It appears as though SKOUT prefers partners to utilize the resources they are already providing rather than reimbursing MSPs for their own home-grown initiatives. This may be disappointing if you already have the resources necessary to execute these campaigns on your own, but it is for a good reason. While Jimmy did mention covering incentives for Webinar attendees for bronze tiered partners (or above) they have found that this is not a necessary ingredient for success. To be honest, I don’t blame them, since they are already generating an average of 40 registrations per event without offering “freebies”. That is certainly enough registrations to give your pipeline a boost.

Getting Approved

As I stated earlier, SKOUT does not reimburse for any expenses so their program’s barrier for entry is relatively low. They like their partners to follow their go-to-market plan and will qualify them whenever they reach milestones along the way. Since this is a very structured program, they boast one of the highest partner utilization rates that I have seen, with over 75% of partners receiving benefits over the past year.

Achieving Results

With SKOUT’s “choose-your-webinar” format, this is a well that you can keep going back to each and every month. If you are experienced with hosting virtual events and are confident in your abilities to do so, I would recommend committing to an entire series of events and structure the events in way that builds momentum over time. If you are not all that experienced and want to give it a shot, then this is the perfect opportunity to do so. You will have all the support you need to make sure the event goes smoothly and there will be very little to worry about.

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Facts: About SKOUT’s MDF & Enablement Programs

Which of the following does SKOUT offer their partners?

Pre-created Content & Campaign Templates
Live/ Virtual Sales & Marketing Training
Pre-Developed Software Tools & Resources
Hosted Live & Virtual Events

How does SKOUT determine which partners qualify?

Recurring spend and “Go-To-Market Plan.”

What are the typical financial limits of what SKOUT will reimburse (Quarterly)?


Will SKOUT work with third-party consultants and marketing agencies that provide services to the MSP?


What percentage of SKOUT partners have received MDF or enablement benefits in the last year (estimated)?


Is there any risk to the MSP if the campaign does not produce results?

No, but our structure has not led to any no-result campaigns yet.

How long does it take on average to get reimbursed from SKOUT for any pre-approved expenses?


What is the best way to get started utilizing SKOUT’s MDF program?

Contact your SKOUT Channel Account Manager.